Zhongshan 1MW Industrial PV Power Plant Operates Efficiently

Mar 21 , 2022

Zhongshan Hengbin Industrial Co., Ltd. and INVT Solar join hands to build a 1MW factory rooftop PV project.


According to the statistics of China Electricity Council, from January to February 2022, the national manufacturing industry consumed 611.6 billion kWh of electricity, an increase of 0.5% year-on-year. Since the country put forward the "double carbon" goal, various industries have actively responded to the national call to develop clean energy, and the manufacturing industry is no exception. As a leading mold manufacturer in China, Zhongshan Hengbin Industrial Co., Ltd. has established a 1MW industrial rooftop photovoltaic power plant with INVISION PV, which was successfully connected to the grid in early January 2022 and has been running efficiently and stably for more than 2 months since then.


1MW photovoltaic power station of Hengbin in Zhongshan


1MW photovoltaic power station of Hengbin in Zhongshan


The plant uses 8 sets of XG110KTR three-phase on-grid solar inverters and 2 sets of XG30KTR three-phase on-grid solar inverters (partially over-matched) from INVT Solar.


XG series three-phase on-grid solar inverters


Highly Efficient Operation & Huge Revenue


✓ Annual power generation of the project: about 1,277,500 kWh


✓ Annual saving of standard coal: about 511 tons


✓ Annual sulfur dioxide emission reduction: about 38.3 tons


✓ Annual emission reduction of carbon dioxide: about 1273.7 tons



Zhongshan Hengbin Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture and sales of injection molds for large and medium-sized auto parts and home appliances. Hengbin industry in the mold for customers to improve the customer's product grade, but also adhering to the "pragmatic, progressive, thanksgiving, dedication" spirit of enterprise, as the mold industry, the first batch of photovoltaic power plant builders, and actively promote the development of zero carbon industry.


The establishment of each PV plant is a small step towards the goal of double carbon,while the establishment of millions of PV plants in different industries is a big step towards a better life with zero carbon.


INVT Solar is willing to work together with aspiring enterprises from all walks of life with high quality photovoltaic products and services, to build every photovoltaic project in a practical manner, and to spread clean energy all over the world!


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