Pakistan Case Call for Pizes

Apr 04 , 2022


Pakistan Solar Cases Call for Pizes


Pakistan is an essential PV market for INVT Solar. In order to build a new energy-based clean energy system hand in hand with Pakistani partners and to establish the demonstration role of application cases, this activity is held with the following requirements.


Activity Date

April 4-22, 2022


Activity Participant

All partners or users in Pakistan using INVT on grid and hybrid solar inverters


How to participate 

1. Click on the link https://www.invt-solar.com/category/downloads/8  to get the case information submission template to fill out

2. Send the complete case information by email to solar@invt.com.cn.

3. Selected cases will receive prizes and free promotion opportunity after activity.



Provide complete information (please check the template) ——20%

Content form: video (clear & stable & complete, duration 10s-60s)

or pictures (clear & realistic & original pictures) ——20%

Viewable ——20%  

Value of continuous promotion ——20%

Interacting with INVT SOLAR on social media(Like/Forward/Comment) ——20%


Selection Method

Number oflikeson social media(Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn, search forINVT Solar) ——70%

Vote from INVT Solar Team ——30%


Activity Giveaway


First Prize = $100 (1 winner) + A blind box

Second Prize = $50 (2 winners)

Third Prize = $10 (5 winners)


You Should Know

After the information is submitted, it is agreed by default that INVT Solar will promote the publicity, and the list of winners will be announced after the activity.

A participant can submit different cases multiple times, and the same case is only one valid submission; if different participants submit the same case, the first one will be selected.


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