INVT Solar's XG3-15KTR Solar Inverter Makes Its Debut at INTERSOLAR EUROPE

May 13 , 2022

[Munich, Germany, May 13, 2022] From May 11-13, INVT Solar presented its latest XG3-15kW three-phase on-grid solar inverters and solutions at INTERSOLAR EUROPE, the world's leading solar industry exhibition held at the Messe München in Germany.


Intersolar Europe 2022


Intersolar Europe is one of the world's largest and most influential professional solar exhibition, gathering the world's leading companies from the photovoltaic industry to showcase innovative technical and technological solutions.


"Low-carbon age, it’s become a trend of replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy. As part of the worldwide to pursue zero-carbon vision, clean energy has a key role to play. At the event, we will show new image, new products, new technology and new market strategy layout to provide more competitive PV inverters and energy storage inverters for European customers and help the development of smart and clean energy, " says Mr. Ren, CEO at INVT Solar.

At the crowded exhibition, INVT Solar's new products were favored by visitors and attracted many professionals to exchange views, to discuss the technical difficulties of the products and the future development of the solar industry.


At the crowded exhibition, INVT Solar's new products were favored by visitors and attracted many professionals


We showcased XG3-15kW on-grid solar inverter, BD3-6kW hybrid inverter, XN1.5-8kW off-grid inverter and solar solutions for residential at this industrial major event. As the highlight of this exhibition, XG3-15KTR three-phase grid-tied solar inverter is developed for residential PV plants, with innovative upgrade, super high performance, flexible configuration and more cost-effective to meet the diversity of household needs.

XG3-15KTR three-phase grid-tied solar inverter


The technical engineer on site introduced the outstanding performance of the inverter.




Keeping high yield 

160% DC input oversizing

Compatible with high current module

Maximal input current 17A per string

Wide MPPT tracking range (140V-1000V)



Address complex environment flexibly

2 MPP trackers

Smart I-V curve diagnosis supported



Take control of your solar system easily

One-stop intelligent O&M platform, providing comprehensive and intuitive power station data monitoring

Mobile APP remote management



Protect every moment of your life

IP66 protection

Intelligent fault detection

AFCI function


Fuse free


The new products and technologies we presented at this exhibition will provide more users with smart energy. INVT Solar will continue to strive for innovation in the field of solar energy and contribute to a zero-carbon future.

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